2xtap said: I'm a black male and I've always wanted to be in a submissive relationship with a black Goddess. But I don't know how to introduce the idea in a relationship. I've brought it up before in past relationships and it didn't go over well. Any advice?

If you want the woman you are with to be your queen, don’t bring the subject up, act on it. Treat her as if she is the sun of your life. Encourage her to make demands, to use you to her heart’s desire. Eventually she will get comfortable in the role of the leader. And it just goes from there. If she ever asks why you treat her the way you do, explain that she is your goddess and will always treat her as such.

Abused White Meat

Abused White Meat

Black Owned

i bow down to my Superiors, Blacks

my name was fernando, now margot since i was owned and feminized by a Beautiful Nigerian Goddess, Who was first my Girlfriend, then my Mistress and instructed me on my natural inadequacy as a white male and sissified me to better serve my Superiors, the Supreme Black Race and even white Women

so, i want to use this great blog to publicly accept my natural inferiority, to thank Mistress Aisha for those wonderful three years as Her servant and to offer myself to my Superiors if Some of Them could find me worthy of wear, again, a slave collar

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